Not quite resuming from where I left off . . . . . .

. . . .this is my latest blog, on a new site/platform, with a similar title to the unlamented previous series of blogs.

When I started the current phase of my peripatetic life in 1997 (the year I turned 50), blogging had not made an appearance on the wider Internet.

Back then, I wrote a monthly, and then a quarterly, newsletter which I emailed to both fiends and enemas. Some recipients replied that they quite enjoyed my accounts of misery and happiness in a life working abroad in Strange Places with Questionable People, to paraphrase the BBC’s John Simpson.

Saffer friends remarked that they found my tales of potholed roads and HIV-infected local colleagues in Zambia might give them a foretaste of South Africa in the then future post-Madiba era. Just over 15 years later, it is sad to think that a few of these things have come to pass.

Nearly ten years ago, having grown tired of infrequent email letters, I dipped my toe into blogging waters. This was done via Google’s Blogger online software, I think the blog was called Keeping Up With the Jones’.

Like over 75% of ALL blogs, this also waned into oblivion; I was not exactly overwhelmed with responses and comments. This seems to be the fate of most amateur blogs. The full-time and part-time blogs are SO much more professional, interesting and readable.

As my final port on my Journey of Life has yet to appear on the radar – and long may things remain that way – I need to find another way of recording my experiences, commenting on events and issues, and spouting forth my opinion on anything I want to – WITHOUT fear or favour.

I also want to stop forwarding the deluge of some inbound excellent articles, links, cartoons, jokes etc – some of which are NSFW or possibly politically incorrect. I tried Twitter for a few days, found it a waste of time and stopped. My own Facebook page accummulated over 35 so-called ‘friends’, which I reduced to about 10 a couple of years ago, mainly close family; it’s a way of keeping up with my three beloved grandchildren in particular.

In this new venture in my seventh decade on this mortal coil, I have been somewhat influenced by a handful of posts by a few bloggers with whom I share some opinions and views. They probably know who they are and I thank them for allowing me to share my views with them via comments.

My current intention is to post about one ‘original’ post weekly, forward interesting links, amd maybe a few short, shartp topical posts at other intervals, as the occasions arise.

Thus the only way to keep up a one-way relationship will be to subscribe to my blog. I will be setting up my blog so that comments will need to be approved first by me, mainly to cut down on the spamming threat. It also allows me to send an electronic sod-off to anyone who upsets my sensitivities.

This blog, via WordPress, has been gestating for some time, and here is the first. I will set up a list of categories which will indicate my fields of interest, if not expertise.

Should anyone feel offended by anything I post now or in the future, such denizens are at liberty to tell my why; they are also free to unsubscribe.

It goes without saying that I would really like constructive feedback from experienced regular bloggers.

Happy reading and commenting!

The Jolly Roger


One thought on “Not quite resuming from where I left off . . . . . .

  1. So here you are making a rod for your own back… A marvellous idea, as it allows the generations that follow to view the why’s and wherefore’s of your historical pixelated journey (colourful pictures being an added bonus, as well as an attraction tactic.)

    Feel free to steal, as well as link to anything you find on the Mellow Jihadi blog (it’s how I acquired the same in the first place!) 😉

    Yours Aye. Ex Bootneck

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