A Spurring Start to the New Year

A rugger-bugger myself, I do have a passing interest in English soccer.

For more than fifty years I have been a LOYAL Tottenham Hotspur supporter. 


The ‘loyal’ part is crucial because many so-called English club fans seem to follow the successful teams of the day/month/season/year, and switch allegiance often according to fashion and trends.

This is partly due to the power of media etc driven by the obscene amounts of money that have been injected into English clubs over the last 20 years to so.

The English (England) Premier League is often hailed as the best soccer league in the world.

Maybe, but that explains why the England team has underperformed, especially over the last 20 years.  It’s Club before Country these days.

Returning to Spurs: my club has not beaten Chelsea for something like 15+ years.  One reason is that Chelsea, perhaps more than any other club, has been the largest recipient of largesse from its owner, a Russian oligarch.  Chelski has been able to recruit many of the best players in the world, only two or three of which are English nationals.

Yesterday, Spurs set my year off to a perfect start with its 5 – 3 win over Chelski.  The latter is now only joint leader in the league with another rich man’s toy, Manchester Citeh. 

Spurs is lurking just outside the Top Four, the group which guarantees a place in the European Club Championship league in the next season.


The Jolly Roger

* Keep Safe, Well And In Touch


3 thoughts on “A Spurring Start to the New Year

  1. As a fellow sufferer whose hopes for 2015 were largely brought to earth by the subsequent result in the Palace game … I can only shrug, sigh and be grateful for the memories of this result!

    • I know, I did not watch the CP game on TV out here in Uganda, but then I watched the lowlights last night.

      You have to have a thick hide and be a bit reflective to be a Spurs fan, I hadn’t heard from a mate in the US for ages, but because Arse won in style, he WhatsApped me to crow that the Arse leapfrogged us and we must ‘mind the gap’. But then he and I did have a good laugh about Manure’s loss.

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