Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful ‘wearable’

Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful ‘wearable’

I might get one, not much different from my current watch strap, but infinitely more useful, especially when working in strange places with questionable people (H/T BBC’s John Simpson).

My own Leatherman tool is one of the earlier designs, I have had it for 18 years, SO useful.  We once bought a meat joint that was too large for our oven in out rented place in Tanzania.

“No problem, I will saw through it with my  Leatherman. ”

“No way,” said SWTSMBO, and 10 minutes later was a convert, although I still won’t let her use it. 

I have other tools.



The Jolly Roger

* Keep Safe, Well And In Touch


3 thoughts on “Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful ‘wearable’

  1. My collection of knives/Multitools/axes/machetes has (unintentionally) grown steadily over the years (I hasten to add that I am a responsible adult without a criminal record, and I reside in the countryside surrounded by thick woodland and high blackthorn hedges.) When it comes to multi-tools, my main preference has always been for a Leatherman product – with Gerber running a close second. Each and every time I walk the great outdoors (daily) I carry a Leatherman Wave, which has a folding blade less than 3 ins long, which is compliant with the Government’s Basic Laws on Knives (‘Buying and Carrying Knives: The Law.’)

    I’m waiting for the day when Leatherman bring out a Leatherman ‘Common Sense’ Multitool for use in the UK, which would have inches/centimetres stamped either side of the folding blade to prove beyond any doubt that the blade is indeed less than 3 ins long. Because as Gawd is my witness – I have been stopped twice by the Police whilst walking the rolling Yorkshire Moors; purely because I had a Leatherman Multitool in its leather pouch attached to my belt – and then had to explain why I felt the need to carry it; “Because ‘common sense’ dictates so!”

    Yours Aye. (Seven medals – multiple war wounds – 23 years meritorious service to Queen and Country)

    • My 1996 Leatherman is so reliable and resilient. I often use it in favour of ordinary screwdrivers and the like, because ordinary ones not only have too much plastic, their metal is soft.

      I have even lent it to local workers , but with a HUGE warning of death and destruction should the borrower not return it within one hour in the same condition.

      One maintenance guy used to borrow it twice or more a month, said it was so much more reliable than naything else, but he respected quality and was a good bloke.

      Our younger son, the operating theatre nurse, is taking seven months off from NHS (approved, no pay, keeps his job on return and why not, he’s bloody good, the NHS and the patients are lucky to have him) to do some voluntary work in Costa Rica, he has for fork out 6k quid for the privilege with a reputable organisation.

      I’m sending him items for his checklist and will include a recommendation for a Leatherman – what model of the Wave do you have? I might also give a Leatherman Medical Shears as a going-away gift.

      • Roger – I would thoroughly recommend the ‘Wave,’ as well as the Leatherman Raptor Shears (25 year guarantee!) I purchased the Wave in 2005 that does not have the outer-belt clip attachment, which I am happy about as I much prefer the leather pouch holder making the tool more compact.

        It is my own humble opinion; the only way they could better each tool – would be by offering free beer and perfect sunshine on each ‘Lazy Dog Day Saturday.’

        Incidentally; for those who own a Wave, you may find the following clip quite interesting. Yours Aye.

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