The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

It’s a public holiday here in Uganda, National Women’s Day.

I searched the Internet to see when National Men’s Day is to no avail. The Telegraph website has a top level tab called ‘Women’, but none for those of the opposite gender. ‘men’ are increasingly conspicuous by the absence in a growing number of places and situations, I think their main role these days is as a sperm donor, but even that is probably under threat somewhere in a medical research laboratory.

The Good – nice to see this from all three people involved, a dying breed these days

The Bad – how low can one go?

The Ugly – no peace for Greece?

Back to some work in my home office, a swim in the complex pool beckons later as the temperature nears 30C in winter near the Equator.


One thought on “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

  1. I would much rather ‘not’ have a National Men’s Day…

    It is my wish for a weekly ‘Leave Me Alone It’s Saturday.’ Where the only utterance’s placed in my shell like would be; “Can I make you a pot of tea?” ~ “Would you like a bacon sandwich?” ~ “The Rugby starts in five minutes, so I’ll leave you alone.” Etc, etc…

    Hence forth each Saturday will be referred to as ‘Lazy Dog Day Saturday!’

    All those in favour raise your right hand and say AYE!

    Yours AYE!

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