When I’m cleaning windows

Actually, this is nothing to do with the late, great George Formby, or Peter Sellers doing an impression of the ukulele genius – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA_FLKHPR88

Today the next Windows will be opened.  The link below from the Telegraph shows the various versions over the years.

My first was Windows 3, but I skipped out Windows 2000 and Vista and am currently using 8.1


I’ve dabbled with other operating systems and started when DOS 2.x was the standard about 30 years ago.

For all the brickbats and flak thrown at MS Windows by Apple fanbois and other OS advocates over the years, I still stick with Windows.  Why?  Because in the developing world where I work it is by far the most ubiquitous system, even if most of the installations are pirated versions, along with MS Office.

I tried the iPad for 6 months, then got frustrated with it as well as the Apple Business Model, and sold it here in Uganda in 2013.  On the other SWTSMBO (http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/SWTSMBO) loves her iPad so much I’m thinking of naming it as a co-respondent should we start divorce proceedings.

My current mix of IT kit is:

Notebook: Lenovo Thinkpad T440p with Windows 8.1, Office 2010 etc

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – a nice size, about A5 in dimensions

Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Each Note model comes with a pen, ideal for taking notes on the fly, no more pocket notebooks.  The Note 8.0 now has Office for Android Preview versions of Excel, Powerpoint and Word. Both Note models as well as the Lenovo have MS OneNote which can take handwriting and synchronised across all three devices.

I reckon I’ll probably go for Windows 10 later this year, if only because I may have to help out a colleague later with it.